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Create new business models

P2P Platforms

Peer-to-peer lending marketplaces are growing at a phenomenal rate. More and more customers are finding online lending services more preferable than traditional banks due to the obvious ease of obtaining a loan.

Aura Cloud provides a robust transaction processing system with exposed APIs for you to connect quickly and seamlessly to your bespoke front end commerce platform. We also provide a ready to use commerce platform which you can customize to agree to your business model.

Online lending marketplaces offer a much-needed alternative to traditional banking and payment systems. Marketplaces need to be running efficient systems to monitor the activities of the sellers and buyers and the back end transaction processing.

We are passionate about providing disruptive technology solutions for the financial industry. That’s why we offer unprecedented time to market for “Challengers” in the industry.

Aura Cloud offers the following features to you on a private or a closed community cloud available to be consumed on a pay per use model.

You Prioritize while We Specialise.


You focus on designing cool products and superior experience for your customers and let us handle the boring stuff


Avoid high IT capital costs and operationalise them. Make IT your competitive advantage

IT flexibility

Any new IT components your Business needs can be easily plugged into your core platform running on Aura Cloud through our 6,500 exposed APIs.


  • P2P member registration
  • Social credit score model
  • Loan amortisation preferences
  • Loan collection and repayment
  • Non-performing asset management
  • Credit bureau handoff (wherever applicable)
  • Loan bid request for borrowers
  • Loan life-cycle management
  • Loan bid acceptance
  • Verified vs. non verified member
  • Collective impairment and individual impairment
  • Customer output and agreement management
  • Preferences for member views
  • Escrow management
  • Tax handoffs
  • Loan disbursement management
  • Loan data handoffs to collection agencies
  • Portal view for lender and borrower
  • Social media linkages
  • Loan bid management
  • Dunning letters and outputs
  • Retail and Corporate borrowings
  • Reminders, Notifications and Alert management
  • Apps for lender and borrowers to track portfolio