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May 6, 2021

Purple is the new Black!

If you are reading this then you are familiar with our new website and colours and we welcome you to explore more...

Is Purple the new Black?  Well, at least the designers in Apple think so. We took a hint a few months back and decided to keep Purple as our mainstay.

You can find many shades of Purple (not fifty though)along with more information about us and what we stand for on our website. We wanted to keep it cozy, while presenting a human approach to core banking technology, after all it is people who make a project succeed.


We have kept it simple and provided information on how we enable your business – whether you are a Start-up Fintech or a Technology company with a banking license. Explore our pages, request for a demo of our platform, contact us to challenge us with your ideas or simply say hello!

Team aura