Aura Cloud – Your Partner In Delivering Value To Your Customers.

Be a True Challenger!

Start Up

Are you a new banking service provider who is looking to disrupt financial services? Would you rather focus on solutions rather than products to simplify your customers’ lives?

Consumers are calling for a new service proposition; they want banks to be their advisors and partners in improving their financial health. They want an agile and an innovative partner who adapts to their needs and if they want to bank on digital channels, they would soon expect advisory to be delivered through the same channels.

Let Aura Cloud handle your everyday banking processing while you focus on expanding your delivery and marketing channels using Aura Cloud service architecture. The next generation banking platform of Aura Cloud assists you to kick start your new business.

Our services are built on a common framework that ensures consistent delivery of content, context, offers, products and service seamlessly across channels or devices. Behind the scenes, Aura Cloud manages all the complicated core banking processes while allowing you to focus on building great products and engaging your customers.

Aura Cloud ensures that you get up and running quickly to capitalize on your competitive edge. Our well-proven implementation model enables setting up of a bank in 4 calendar weeks.

Let Aura be your Launchpad!


You focus on designing cool products and superior experience for your customers and let us handle the boring stuff


Avoid high IT capital costs and operationalise them. Make IT your competitive advantage

IT Flexibility

Any new IT components your Business needs can be easily plugged into your core platform running on Aura Cloud through our 6,500 exposed APIs.


  • Term Deposits
  • Core banking service
  • Cards
  • Local Clearing
  • Loans
  • Branch Operational CRM
  • Master Data Management
  • Current and Saving account
  • AML
  • General Ledger
  • Payments
  • Digital channels
  • Single view of engagement
  • Customer Dashboard
  • Compliance reporting